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I started out as a truck driver which led me to owning a successful trucking company Rodman Xpress Trucking. Having the experience being a driver and an owner of a company made me want to add another chapter to my life by opening up Vision Truck Driving School.

The vision is very clear to me that I wanted to be able to help men and women with a dream of being a truck driver and a way to support their family. My vision is of the people for the people.


Parish Rheinhardt

 Certified instructor with 10 years of driving experience.

Roosevelt Williams

Certified instructor with 25 years of driving experience.

Darryl Monmouth

Classroom instructor with 5 years of driving experience.


Bobby Parson

Certified instructor with 9 years of driving experience.

Nate Collier

Certified instructor with 23 years of driving experience.

Jimmy Tisdale

Certified instructor with 10 years of driving experience.




Ashley Gibson

Certified master representative born and raised in Dallas,Texas with 15 years in public relations.

Brianna Hernandez

Certified representative with 4 years in public relations.


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